Opening of the Green 2020


Trentham Bowling Club
1 June 2020


Opening the Green and Coronavirus

The Green is open from  Wednesday 3rd  June 2020

Hand sanitizer  is available but remember this is not a complete protection.


How it Works


  1. You can play alone, or with a member of your own household, or with one other person from outside your household while practicing social distancing. 


  1. No more than four groups of two on the green at any one time


  1. Only 8 players on the green others outside the railings.


  1. Between ends remember social distancing rules. Our rule to avoid crossing the Green is temporarily suspended. If you walk around the edging pathway walk clockwise.



  1. Count the ends that you play. If people are waiting to play you should only play to eleven ends and then come off .


  1. When you come off or if waiting for a game do not congregate in groups.


  1. The Clubhouse is out of bounds. Everything you need will be in the Toilet area which is your cleaning/sanitising station. However, the toilet itself is NOT to be used except in an emergency, in which case it should be sanitised before and after use,


  1. When you arrive you may need to unlock the toilet to get a jack and a mat and also the key for the gate to the Green. Please sterilize all equipment before and after use. There must be only one person at a time in the toilet. Just get or return items, sanitise and leave.


Don’t forget your Club Key



  1. You must enter date, time (of arrival and departure), and names in the register in the Toilet for traceability. Using your OWN
Don’t forget your pen






  1. Avoid touching any surfaces where possible (gate, seating, doors etc) and wash your hands thoroughly when you get home.


  1. All social events, matches and competitions are cancelled, and club afternoons are suspended. Bowling will be at your convenience, please stagger your arrivals if possible. If there is a high demand we will need to timetable access.


  1. Members (only) are free to use the green at anytime Trentham Gardens are open (Currently 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.).


  1. When you use the Green you are responsible for the security of the site and other members who may be there. If you are the last one on the Green you must ensure that the Gate to the Green is locked and all equipment safely put away. The key to the gate must be returned to it’s place in the toilet area. Also you should then insure that Toilet is locked.


  1. The safety of our members is our foremost concern. These operating rules are intended to give the maximum safe access to the Green in accordance with current regulations and best advice. Please report any contravention of these rules since such action may put others at risk and or cause us to further restrict bowling.


  1. Any changes to the above in the light to changes in the Rules will be made known and published on the club website


  1. In every other respect club rules and etiquette must be maintained.


  1. If you think you are going down with an infection, please stay away 


Remember you are responsible for your own safety and that of others.

Happy Bowling


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