Chairman’s Update – 1st June 2020

Chairman’s Update – 1st June 2020

It would be impossible to start any report on our year so far without referring to the devastating effect of the covid-19 virus that has ravaged every significant country in the world affecting every one of us to a considerable extent. The restrictions and the risks especially to the generation to which most of us belong, but more than that the massive illness and loss of life has affected every area worldwide, even here in Trentham. Thankfully we seem to be pulling together as a nation to overcome this and even our small bunch of bowlers have been required to play their part with patience and cooperation so now, as we finally get to bowl our first wood of the year, we are having to make gigantic changes to the way our Club operates on the Green and Socially.

Thank you all for your support and patience. We have spent much time considering if, when and how we might safely resume bowling and now, working together with Trentham Estate we are up and running. The arrangements result from considerable study and enquiry and are designed to get us back on the Green with the absolute minimum of danger. Obviously we need our new regime to be followed exactly. As things progress we hope and expect to move slowly back to a situation more familiar to us.

Our Bowling Club has existed for 105 years and in that time has survived two world wars, countless health scares and financial crises but nothing has stopped us – until now.

I am pleased to report that all subscriptions were fully paid despite the threat of a late start. This was vital at the time as we were facing a cash crisis and intended to apply to Sport England for assistance from their emergency fund and needed to support our application by showing the full financial support of our members. We have now received a grant through Stafford Borough Council At the moment all our sources of income have stopped and we must manage this aspect responsibly. In time we must consider how we can compensate members for the interruption and ongoing restrictions.

We were able to arrange with Trentham Estates authority to have access to maintain our Green. The “Green Team” have carried out the full programme of treatments and mowing, Additionally many hours have been spent watering. This time and expense was vital to protect our investment in the Green during the unprecedented dry spell. Many Thanks to those concerned.                                                                                                                                           Mike

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