FIXTURE LIST – 2020 (possible as of 11.2.2020)

Date     Fixture                                   Home/Away    Day Captains     Time

March: Saturday 28th Opening of Green                      AB/TL         1.00 pm

April:    Wednesday 15th White Lion            Away        TL/AB         2.00 pm
Tuesday 21st Robinson Cup (Gentlemen)         AB/JN       10.00 am
Tuesday 28th Roy Cooke Trophy                     MD/GN      10.00 am

May:      Sunday 3rd Betley                       Away         TL/             2.00 pm
Tuesday 5th Rimmer Cup (Ladies)                 GN/TL       10.00 am
Wednesday 6th Alsager               Home          TL/           2.00 pm
Thursday 21st Stonefield Park      Away          TL/            6.00 pm
Monday 25th Trentham Challenge (Bank Holiday) GN/JN 11.00 am
Saturday 30th Rose Bowl AB/TL                                    10.00am

June:     Wednesday 3rd Stone Crown          Home        TL/AB       2.00 pm
Wednesday 10th Barthomley          Home        TL/JP        2.00 pm
Saturday 13th Fun Day                                  DW/TL      1.00 pm
Thursday 18th Captain’s Day                          MD/AB    10.00 am
Wednesay 24th Alsager                  Away        TL/AB       2.00 pm

July:      Saturday 4th President’s Trophy                      AB/         10.00 am
Monday 6th    Cannock                                                 10.00am
Wednesday 8th Stone Crown          Away        TL/AB       2.00 pm
Tuesday 14th Knock-Out Competition             GN/JN     10.00 am
Sunday 19th Little Stoke               Away            /            2.00 pm
Thursday 23rd Stonefield Park       Home         TL/JP       2.00 pm
Sunday 26th Betley                      Home         TL/AB       2.00 pm
Thursday 30th Centenary Trophy (Group Stages) GN/JN 10.00 am

August: Saturday 1st Centenary Trophy (Final Stages)    GN/JN    10.00 am
Wednesday 5th Barthomley           Away            TL/AB      2.00 pm
Sunday 9th Little Stoke Home                           TL/AB      2.00 pm
Thursday 13th Captain -v- Vice Captain             TL/AB      1.00 pm
Tuesday 18th Target Competition                      DW/TL     1.00 pm
Saturday 22nd Jubilee Trophy                           AB/TL     10.00 am
Wednesday 26th White Lion          Home            TL/AB      2.00 pm
Sunday 30th Nomads Home                              TL/AB      1.30 pm

September: Sunday 6th Stone Crown Challenge Trophy   TL/GN    11.00 am
Saturday 12th FINALS DAY 1                             TL/        12.00
Saturday 19th FINALS DAY 2                             AB/TL     1.00 pm
Thursday 24th Gala Day (Target/Fun Day)           DW/TL   10.00 am

Any player who reaches a semi-final and is not available to play on Finals Days
please inform the Captain.

Any amendments to the programme will be posted on the Club’s Noticeboard and
Website (






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