FIXTURE LIST – 2019

Date              Fixture                             Home/Away    Time

March: Saturday 23rd Opening of Green                        1.00 pm

April:  Wednesday 17th White Lion             Away           2.00 pm
Tuesday 23rd Robinson Cup (Gentlemen)                      10.00 am
Tuesday 30th Roy Cooke Trophy                                   10.00 am

May:  Sunday 5th Betley                           Away            2.00 pm
Tuesday 7th Rimmer Cup (Ladies)                                10.00 am
Wednesday 8th Alsager                             Home            2.00 pm
Thursday 23rd Stonefield Park                   Away             6.00 pm
Monday 27th Trentham Challenge (Bank Holiday) 11.00 am

June: Saturday 1st Rose Bowl                                     10.00 am
Wednesday 5th Stone Crown                     Home            2.00 pm
Wednesday 12th Barthomley                     Home            2.00 pm
Saturday 15th Fun Day                                                  1.00 pm
Thursday 20th Captain’s Day                                        10.00 am
Wednesday 26th Alsager                           Away             2.00 pm

July:  Saturday 6th President’s Trophy                          10.00 am
Wednesday 10th Stone Crown                   Away              2.00 pm
Tuesday 16th Knock-Out Competition                            10.00 am
Sunday 21st Little Stoke                           Away              2.00 pm
Thursday 25th Stonefield Park                   Home             2.00 pm
Sunday 28th Betley                                  Home             2.00 pm

August: Thursday 1st Centenary Trophy (Group Stages)10.00 am
Saturday 3rd Centenary Trophy (Final Stages)               10.00 am
Wednesday 7th Barthomley                      Away              2.00 pm
Sunday 11th Little Stoke                          Home             2.00 pm
Thursday 15th Captain -v- Vice Captain                          1.00 pm
Tuesday 20th Target Competition                                   1.00 pm
Saturday 24th Jubilee Trophy                                       10.00 am
Wednesday 28th White Lion                     Home              2.00 pm

September: Sunday 1st Nomads             Home              1.30 pm
Sunday 8th Stone Crown Challenge Trophy                    11.00 am
Saturday 14th FINALS DAY 1                                          1.00 pm
Saturday 21st FINALS DAY 2 1.00 pm
Thursday 26th Gala Day (Target/Fun Day)                     10.00 am

Any player who reaches a semi-final and is not available to play on Finals Days please inform the Captain.

Any amendments to the programme will be posted on the Club’s Noticeboard and on the Website (


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